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Wild Branch Mushrooms is based on a certified organic family farm (Wild Branch Valley Farm), located in the Wild Branch river valley in northern Vermont. Our farm is a budding example of a diversified, self-sufficient and sustainable farm. Our 240 acres consists of open fields, forests and many riparian areas. Our mission:

  • To produce affordable medicinal mushroom extracts of the highest quality.
  • To produce exceptional medicinal and culinary mushrooms for the fresh and dried markets.
  • To integrate the art and science of mushroom growing into all facets of a working farm.
  • To share our knowledge with other farmers and gardeners and help them diversify.
  • To provide spawn of the highest vitality that has been successfully tested in grow rooms and naturalized for outdoor growing in harsh northern environments.
  • To educate people in the current science of medicinal mushrooms and their history of medical use. Particularly Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) and Turkey Tails (Trametes versicolor, AKA Coriolus versicolor)


Click here to look through the presentation that I recently prepared and delivered for the Alaskan Sustainable Agriculture Conference in Fairbanks Alaska.

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Maple MedicinalsMedininal Maple Syrup

Maple Medicinals are a line of medicinal mushroom extracts concentrated into maple syrup. Go to Online Store.

SpawnSpawn close up

We sell a wide variety of spawn, in many species and forms, for the commercial grower to the hobbyist. Go to Online Store.

Grow Room/GreenhouseGrow Room/Greenhouse

Learn more about our innovative mushroom grow rooms built with an integrated greenhouse.

Educational MaterialKing Stropharia fruiting under a tomato plant

Learn how to grow a variety of mushrooms in a variety of ways, and learn more about individual medicinal mushrooms.